Welcome to Current!

Current Community Church opened its doors in November of 2012, and since that time we've moved from a "church plant" to a "church planted." What does that mean? It means that we're no longer just a seed thrown into a new location. It means we've put down roots. It means that we're invested in this community. And it means that we're bearing fruit.

But throughout it all, we've never lost sight of what matters to us:

Authentic relationships with God and each other. People talk about love and seek it out, but miss out on what true love is. We believe we exist to connect people to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to one another through relationships in Group Life. We don't have to walke through life alone! Here's a glimpse of what we believe that looks like.

Authentic people. We don't want to simply go through the motions of Sunday morning worship with beautiful buildings and people who leave feeling good, but who haven't been changed. If you're tired of shallow people exhibiting a shallow faith, we are too. Our desire is to develop radical followers of Jesus who genuinely love each other and their community.

Answering the questions. If you're not sure about this whole God thing or your purpose in the world, we welcome the questions and the people with the questions. Let's explore it together, and let's start that journey either during our Sunday Morning Service or over a cup of coffee.